Rooftop Lounge

Take the elevator all the way up and enjoy ART HOUSE’s serene, stylishly furnished rooftop lounge. Host a barbecue at the rooftop grill and wet bar, relax with family and/or friends on the comfy seats and lounge chairs, and don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the spectacular cityscape views.

Welcome Reception Area

Upon arriving home, you and your guests are greeted by ART HOUSE’s unique, bold brand of elegant strength. A beautiful reception area adorned with tastefully fashioned walls, decorative ceilings, designer light fixtures, and artful trimmings sets the perfect stage for ART HOUSE’s signature collection of canvas work to uplift and inspire all who enter.

Fitness Center

Located on the rooftop with secured entry for residents, ART HOUSE’s tastefully designed fitness center offers multiple televisions, striking artwork, and a full array of strength and cardio training equipment including treadmill, spin cycle, elliptical trainer, yoga mats, and free weights to provide ample options for refining your physical health at home.


NYC space is a luxury, and not all new buildings provide covered parking. ART HOUSE offers a designated, secured indoor parking garage monitored by 24-hour closed-circuit surveillance to keep your vehicle safe from pedestrians, weather, and the elements.

Common Areas

Art lives in the details, and no ART HOUSE detail has gone unattended. Common areas were designed to complement the building’s art collection and styling, with tasteful fixtures and wallpaper to suggest the spirit of comfort and elegance quintessential to luxury living.

Virtual Door Attendant

Safety, security, and reliable package delivery service is provided by a virtual door attendant, which functions seamlessly to secure the building, greet visitors, provide access, accept deliveries into ART HOUSE’s secured package room, facilitate maintenance and service calls, and offer homeowners peace of mind.

When you miss the buzzer, ART HOUSE’s virtual door attendant will answer the call 24/7 with a live staff of highly-trained and responsive monitoring professionals, observing your building’s entrance through a live video feed.