The Construction

Art House Facade

The masonry façade serves as both the building shell and exterior, lasting longer while requiring less maintenance. Strong and practical, masonry facades offer design flexibility as well as water/ fire resistance, energy savings through a reduction of thermal transmissions, and an unmistakable, timeless aesthetic.


A timeless design and rare amenity, Herringbone flooring offers a distinction reserved for only the most discerning homes. RYBAK sourced the most reputable lumberyards to find the pre-finished, wire-brushed, engineered Herringbone hardwood flooring built into each ART HOUSE condominium.


ART HOUSE’s monolithic form was chosen primarily for its stability, effectiveness as a construction method, and the shape’s direct statement of fortitude. Built for longevity, the robust reinforced concrete and glass structure was erected with the highest-grade materials, and provides residents with inherent sound attenuation, temperature insulation, and numerous other advantages conducive to luxury living.

Art House Glass

ART HOUSE’s progressive glazing system is provided by Pella®, featuring double-paned, Low-E windows and balcony doors for enhanced insulation and comfort. For its 90+ year history and dedication to delivering energy efficient product, Pella has become an industry leader, recognized as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year nine times.